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Little IT Dictionary

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SCMSupply Chain Management. System of supply management. In some cases, excludes marketing, communication with distributors and buyers of products.
Semantic coreThe semantic core. Optimized list of queries in search engine, which are used to find any desired information.
SEOSearch engine optimization. Operations with website elements and its environment, leading to improved site position in search results.
SERPThe search results page in a search engine.
SHTMLThe Hypertext file, in which the language for dynamic assembling of HTML-documents is used: SSI (Server Side Includes). Web-page gets assembly on the server from its components and sends out to clients in HTML format.
SMMSocial Media Marketing. One way to promote products, services, brands, etc. in social networks.
SnippetA small fragment of text which has been found by search engine in a website page.
SOAPSimple Object Access Protocol, a XML-based messaging protocol used to encode the information in Web service request and in a response messages before sending them over a network.
SPLAThe Microsoft Services Provider License Agreement.
Splash PageSplash Page - page of a Web site that the user sees first before being given the option to work with the main content of the site. A splash page consists of graphics and animations that motivate the user to explore the rest of the Web site.
SQLStructured Query Language. It is used for database programming.
SSIServer Side Includes. The language for dynamic assembling of HTML-documents on the server side and sending out to clients in HTML format.
SSLSecure Sockets Layer, specially-protected security protocol.
SVGScalable Vector Graphics - an XML-based vector image format for two-dimensional graphics, that has support for interactivity and animation.

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