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 Some of English verbs are used primarily in written texts. Others, on the contrary, used mainly as spoken ones in the combination with an adverb or a preposition, or as an adverbial participle, and play a very important role in communication (1, 2.) If you do not use such ones, your speech looks as ”not living one”, too ”dry”, or "academic". And using of these combinations will make your ”Spoken English” really lively, modern and quite understandable.
 The online-application will help you to test your knowledge, easy to learn and to understand correctly the majority of the most commonly used Spoken English Verbs and their combinations.


 The main objective of the project is to provide for foreign students and other peoples, who are interesting in English conversation practice, the knowledge of Spoken English Verbs in a convenient form, and to direct them on their way to get mastery in this. In addition, the project allows one to estimate the possibility for creating new online-applications for educational and other purposes.


  For testing your knowledge of English verbs, open the page (http://www.mexsy.ru/english-testRU.aspx) and perform the following steps:

 1. Choose any verb from the list, for example: ”take”, select it (click the mouse button).

 2. Choose an adverb or preposition, with which it’s used, for example: ”in”, and click a button ”Example …”, and then, below the words ”… a sentence with the verb”, an example of its application will be shown:

 I was quite taken in by his words.

 3. Try yourself to find and select a new verb from the list of verbs (”item 3. Select a new verb for context replacing in the sentence.”), i.e. A just verb with the same meaning, paying attention to the context of the sentence. The list contents the verbs used mainly in a written text. It contents wrong answers and right answers. Obviously, the right answer in this case is the verb ”deceive”.

 So, you will receive a maximum rating of 5 points: ”Score 5” for the correct answer on a 6-points-scale (0…5). If you have difficulty in choosing, you can to apply the ”HELP” button, and remove, for example, 50% incorrect answers. In this case for the right answer outputs a rating: ”Score 2”, for the wrong answer: ”Score 0”, and a commentary, and, in Russian version – a translation of the verb in Russian.
 Then, press ”CONTINUE” button, for to get to the next testing, or simply choose another verb or adverb without repeating. If you want to see your results and statistics, click ”SHOW RESULTS” button, it displays a ”Total Score”, and a mean value: ”Average Score”.
 After the 20 tests will have carried out, a final result is outputs. If you have: ”Average Score 5”, that means you know perfectly well all the verbs you selected.

 You had worked with this application, and now become more aware of using the verbs. OK!. A number of verbs which are often used in speech actually not exceed 30, and the first 10-15 of the above list are used most often, pay special attention to them. We are sure that you will improve your knowledge of them quickly. Share with us your impressions or comments on any faults of this application. Thank you.

 1. J.Thomson, A. V. Martinet. A Practical English Grammar for Foreign Students. Oxford University Press. London, 1986.
 2. C. M. Ashby. English Language Learning: Diverse Federal and State Efforts to Support … . DIANE Publishing, USA, 2009.

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