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  Experts. Who are they? Now, more and more professional experts are required in various industries and sciences. Why? What special qualities should an expert have, unlike, for example, an usual engineer-technologist or a researcher?
 From various sources of the information, for example Wikipedia ® , it is possible to find out just the expert is: “A person with extensive knowledge knowledge or ability in a given subject...” so let's try to figure out these questions for yourself.

  The information boom of recent decades has generated a sharp increase in the amount of various information, primarily on the Internet and in the form of various industrial and scientific databases. Including the “fake” information, which is often misleading for many people.
Intensive work with databases also leads to increase in unintended and other mistakes in these databases. It is only the expert can to solve this problem quickly and efficiently.
  An expert is a knowledge engineer with analytical skills. He is an expert (has a knowledge) not only in his field of knowledge, but also in related fields, and he should be aware of all the modern achievements in these areas. He must constantly expand and fill up his knowledge.
  Let's suppose that an expert analyzes the description of a physical object, for example, an object: “electrode”. There are many identical objects with different names, and on the contrary, there are different objects with the same names. There are welding electrodes, electrodes for chemical laboratories, for electrical storage batteries, for electric arc furnaces, etc. They belong to different classes. The expert evaluates the properties and their values for this electrode, whether they correspond to the given class, then, he compares the description in various sources of information, and then he can accurately determine: whether the object description is correctly specified, or its name or parameters are specified incorrectly.

  Let's assume now that an expert analyzes the description of any physical process (effect). At first he tries to allocate in it the basic essence in the form of a structure:
“Subject - Action - Object”. Then, he try to understand:
  1) What happens?
  2) How and why this happens?
  3) Does this correspond to known physical and other laws?

  Only after analyzing and comparing the results of his analysis, the expert can find inconsistencies and mistakes in the description of the process.
Hence the conclusion: a good expert should never believe anything until he is convinced that the information is indicated without errors and corresponds to all the necessary criteria.
This very useful quality of the expert and it helps not only in the work. It is necessary for each person to cultivate this useful quality in him, in order to understand the big stream of “fake” news in advertising, scientific, technical and other materials.

 About our Expert Team. The Team of Experts includes a variety of specialists, doctors of sciences, including aerodynamics, specialists in nanotechnology, electronics and semiconductor technology, energy, chemistry, hydraulics, pharmaceuticals, as well as in a number of applied areas: oil and gas engineering, metallurgy, industrial engineering, patent business and others.
 The "MEXSY" Experts have the ability to analyze quickly great volumes of technical and scientific information in electronic databases on various branches, and to find optimum decisions on their reduction to necessary criteria. There are modern software IT - technologies, which Experts use in the work.


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