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Profitable advice having a rest

 After good work one needs a good rest.

Preparation of the meat barbecue

 Preparation of the meat barbecue under the open sky includes reparation of pickled meat, for example a chicken one, and roasting it in a grill. Here we described the preparation of a barbecue from natural products in the self-made grill combined from the bricks.

1. Preparation of pickled meat.

  Meat for a barbecue needs to be washed in water. Then you need to remove waste moisture from him and to cut slices of a fillet across fibers. Due to this the meat has kept in itself more juice and was softer. Then it needs to be pickled. Here the way of pickling without vinegar is described.
For this purpose it is required:
1) Kefir;
2) A bulb onions;
3) Tomatoes.
4) Pepper red;
5) Geens, pepper black, spices or seasoning are added to taste.

  The proportion of this ingredient in a mixture is determined individually. All this items are necessary to load in a blender and to crush up to a condition of paste. Marinade is ready. Plunge the meat into marinade and leave it there approximately one hour. Salt the meat and place it in a grill for roasting.

2. Roasting the meat.

  For roasting meat it is possible to use standard grills. But the quite good result can be received in the self-made grill combined from 32 bricks (see a photo below).

MEXSY Info tool   First of all it is necessary to choose a place for a grill. It should be located far away from a dry grass and trees, in a fireproof place. It is impossible to leave a grill without supervision.
  Our self-made grill provides uniform enough temperature even at presence of wind, because of the top of lateral bricks located above, than a grid, and to cover the slices of meat from a wind.
  After combustion of fire wood in a grill, you can to locate the slices of meat in a metal grid for barbecue and to roast it under hot wood coal up to readiness.

Good appetite!

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