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Little IT Dictionary

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PDMProduct Data Management System. Storing and managing data on all stages of product life cycle (design, production, maintenance and others).
PerlThe programming language for Internet applications. Programs written in Perl, to run on the server side.
PHPProgramming language, scripting language, open source software for the development of web applications and others. PHP -programs written in PHP, to run on the server side.
PIMProduct Information Management. Software or system for Product Management.
PL/SQLThe programming language in Oracle Databases
PLMProduct Lifecycle Management. Systems for managing information about the product, its design, manufacture, sale, and all other processes throughout its life cycle.
PPCPay-per-Click. The index of a page attendance, or an algorithm for estimating one.
Proxy ServerAn intermediate server, which serves as a mediator between the browser and a website.

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