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Terms, abbreviations.
Little IT Dictionary

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C#C# - the programming language for developing Internet applications and services, the version of C language.
C++C++ - the programming language, the version of C language.
CAEComputer-aided engineering. Soft or software packages for engineering calculations and technical analysis of engineering projects.
CALSContinuous Acquisition and Lifecycle Support. Information systems for continuous support throughout the lifecycle of products, spare parts and so on. It is based on unification, standardization and description of the product parts.
CAMComputer-aided modeling. Software or software packages for numerical simulation and technical analysis of engineering projects. Generally used the nonlinear numerical simulation.
CANCampus-Area Network - a local network within a limited geographical space, for example, in a school campus or in a military base.
CBACost Benefits Analysis. The economic cost-benefit analysis indicator.
CDICustomer Data Integration. CDI-systems are used mainly in banking and commerce.
CGICommon Gateway Interface - an interface that allows programs to communicate with the client software on the server.
ClassificationCreating a classification marks.
Cloud computingCloud computing - a type of Internet-based computing, where different services, realized with devices, servers, storage and applications, are delivered to a local computers, and operated through the Internet.
Cloud ServiceCloud service, using the Cloud technology. Cloud technologies require synchronization of the computer or gadget with the cloud (remote) server. This allows a remote data processing and storage.
ClusteringCreating the clusters.
Content PageContent Page - a page associated to a Master Page. It have only markup and controls inside Content controls and do not have its own top-level content.
CoSClass of service. Safety and class of service for communications, etc.
CRMSystem of sales management and customer relationship management.
CrowdsourcingTransmission of the company's business functions to any specialists, usually without a labor contract, for a minimal fee or free of charge.
CSSCustomer Self-Service - methods and processes for a customer can interact with the business at their convenience, used in a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems.

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