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Java Programming Language

  1. Preface.
  2. Preparation for lessons.
  3. Lesson 1. The window of the class “Frame”.
  4. Other Lessons.


  Java Programming Language is really very popular now. Its syntax is similar to such languages as “C ++” and “C #”, but Java has essential differences from them.   All applications created in Java can be divided into two groups conditionally. The first one is applications, intended for independent work under the control of a special Interpreting Java Virtual Machine (JVM), the second one is Applets. Java Applets are always built-in the HTML documents, stored on a Web server. They can be used for fast transferring any necessary information from a Web server to client computers. Applets are processed by JVM, which is present as Plug-ins in browsers.

  We begin to study our Java- programming with creation of the elementary example, Lesson 1, and after that we will start to make more complex applets, and so on.

  Java programmers usually used the various Web Developers, Toolkits, and other software. Among them: Java Platform Standard Edition (Java SE) 8, Java SE Development Kit (JDK), Java SE Runtime Environment (JRE), Java NetBeans IDE ®, Bitnami for XAMPP ®. We will use here “Oracle Java 8 (JDK8)”, “Java NetBeans IDE” ® (https://netbeans.org/downloads/index.html), and others. It works on platforms Windows ® and Linux ®. In the examples here the 64-bit Linux was applied.   The lessons are written so that they can be easily to study. Each lesson includes the foundation of the theory, and a practical example, which allows fixing the received knowledge.

  Here is the Themes of the Lessons:

Themes Lessons
1. Java Quick Start Lesson 1.
2. Concept of Classes and Objects in Java Lessons 2, 3.
3. Language Basics. Data Types Lessons 4, 5.
4. Packages and JAR files Lessons 6…9.
5. Classes and Objects. Constructors Lessons 10…17.
6. Stored Procedures and Functions Lesson 18.
7. Basic operations Lessons 19, 20.
8. Java toolkits, JDK, JRE Lesson 21.
9. I/O operations Lessons 22, 23.
10.JDBC. Working with Databases Lessons 24 …27.
11.Regular Expressions Lesson 28.
12. Networking Lessons 29, 30.
13.Patterns Java MVC Lesson 31.
14.Application Java for Multimedia Lesson 32…34.


  See also:
2.  Preparation for lessons.
3.  Lesson 1. The window of the class “Frame”.
4.  Other Lessons.

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