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Welcome To MEXSY

The MEXSY Developer Group Team includes people with diverse backgrounds in knowledge bases developing, system integration, integration of corporate and other information, Data Mining, Nanotechnology and others. We have the unique ability to develop material-object databases, scientific and other databases, to improving their quality.

We propose efficient solutions for information technology problems:
  • Development of knowledge bases for various purposes, search engines and sites with relational databases, introduction of systems based on knowledge;
  • System integration, integration of corporate and other information;
  • Creating the classification systems, and tools for clustering and processing information in databases;
  • Consulting services.
  • Autsorsing.

 Some of the most successful projects and tools:
 • MEXSY MDM. Master Data Management System. It is used for effective working with ”the Material-object Reference Books”, Basic and Applied classifiers, Reference Books of normative and some other documents and for similar projects for firms and institutions. The System is used by a number of large Russian companies.
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 • MEXSY Expert. Program complex for classification and searching items in database.
 • MEXSY Info. Program to automatic classification (cataloguize) of records in material-object database, grouping items into discrete classes and predicting which class an item belongs to.
 • MEXSY MemBrain. Implemented a fully functional system of accumulation, analysis and synthesis of knowledge in a particular subject area.
 • MEXSY University. Next generation of public education.

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  Volga Territorial Generating Company (TGC-7)   Mospromstroy   Optima,  OXS (Optima Exchange Services)  
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