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• 1. General information.
• 2. Interface.
• 3. Searching for and selection the records in material-object Reference Book.
• 4. The material-object Reference Book, editing a record.
• 5. Categorization and classification with Basic classifier.
• 6. Database auditing.

1. General information

  The software system "MEXSY MDM" (Master Data Management, hereinafter – ”System”) is used for effective working with ”the Material-object Reference Books”, Basic and Applied classifiers, Reference Book of contracts, Reference Book of prices, Reference Book of normative and some other documents, Reference book of the fixed assets, as well as for similar projects for firms and institutions. It allows to conduct database administration and to form the reports. The System contents the most effective software solutions.

 Here is a brief description of 4 main functions as an example: for the material-object Reference Book. Besides them, the system has some other features: • View and edit classes, properties of the class and its values. • Testing the hierarchies and relationships. • Loading the data into the database. • Mutual binding of the records with its classifier.  These functions are not described here, because it's rarely used and described in detail in the respective instructions.

2. Interface

  The system has a simple and intuitive interface (Fig. 1). If necessary it can be presented in English.

MEXSY Info tool

Figure 1.

  The Main menu (1) and Control panel (2) located in the upper half. A window, which contains the Project Name (5) for the projects, located below this. At the bottom is a Window of classifiers. It was designed for classification, and commonly used to classify the material-objects and other objects. Below is the Tabs (3), corresponding to opened window. At the very bottom is a Status bar (4).

3. Searching for the records in material-object Reference Book

 Applied classifier provides a convenient interface to access the material-object Reference Book for efficient performance of the functions for any existing business processes (for example: centralized supplying), and for modification of this processes. Elements of the classifier structure correspond to departments (divisions, subdivisions) of the enterprise, and nomenclature groups and subgroups of material-object database records. Applied classifier is integrated (linked) with a base classifier on the level of classes or parts of classes (subclasses).

  There are three variants of the search with the material-object Reference Book:
 1. keyword-oriented searching;
 2. searching for with Base Classifier;
 3. searching for with Applied Classifiers.

 1. Keyword-oriented searching. For this purpose, a window "selection and search" is used. It is loaded by right-button mouse click on the menu "Selection and Search” (Fig. 2).

MEXSY Info tool

Figure 2.

 For selecting the field to search, move cursor to the field and click the left mouse button. Then you can entered keyword in the field, and selected option "Search” (Fig. 3). As a result, all records containing this keyword would be selected.

MEXSY Info tool

Figure 3.

 2. Searching for with Base classifier. To search with Base classifier, select ”Base classifier” option in the "Projects and Classifiers". Then it is possible to search and select with the Base classifier. You can to select a class, for example: "The steel round bar". As a result, only those records, which belong to the specific class, would be selected (Fig. 4).

MEXSY Info tool

Figure 4.

 3. Searching for with applied classifiers. Searching for with applied classifiers, associated with the relevant departments of the company, can be executed like previous. For example, under the heading "Department of Metal and Metal Products" you can to select the records, belonging to this department (steel fittings, etc.).

4. The material-object Reference Book, editing a record

  The Interface management system with respect to ”the Material-object Reference Book” (Fig. 5) allows you to edit the following information:
 • the material-object card;
 • the material-object prices;
 • standards;
 • the material-object orders.

 Thereby, it is possible to create, modify and delete entries by editing the ”Material-object Card”. Downloading this card can be carried out from the main menu. The "Material-object Card" item can be loaded from main menu (Fig.5) or from "the Classifier groups" menu (Fig. 6).

MEXSY Info tool

Figure 5.

MEXSY Info tool

Figure 6.

 As a result, the window "Material-object Card" would be appearing (Figure 7).

MEXSY Info tool

Figure 7.

 As can be seen (Fig. 7), the Card consists of 4 parts. Part (1) displays basic information about the record. Part (2) includes regulations, standards for this record. Part (3) displays the code values with Applied Classifier. Part (4) displays classification code with Basic Classifier, and its properties and values.

 There are following buttons for entering, editing and removing record in Reference Book:
 • Button "Add” - for making new record;
 • Button "Edit" - for editing existing record;
 • Button "Delete" - for removing existing record.

 When filling up the Material-object Card fields, it was possible to use any Reference Books and Classifiers, had loaded in System. For the top-level material-object groups, and for integrated nomenclature, "the Applied Classifier” has been developed. For the material-object groups, each class of Applied Classifier had linked with the corresponding class (the subclass) of the Base Classifier. The Fields of a Material-object Card, containing code and name of a unit of measurement, are filled by choice a corresponding unit from ”the Reference book of Measurements”.

5. Classification with Basic classifier

 Each record in "Reference Book" should be classified with "Basic Classifier". For this, you should select "Encoding the reference book" in menu ”Classification” (Fig. 8).

MEXSY Info tool

Figure 8.

 The choice of this item leads to opening a window for classification and coding the records in Reference Book (Fig. 9).

MEXSY Info tool

Figure 9.

 Part (1) displays a list of records. Part (2) displays codes with Basic Classifier. Part (3) and part (4), respectively, displays the properties and property values.

 Classification consists of sequential choice:
  • the class code for a Material-object;
  • the class properties;
  • the property values.

 By choosing the right properties and values in line with the name of record, you can create a classification code for this record. Then, the formed classification code can be verified. For this it is enough to include filtering the properties and their values. As a result, there would be remained only the properties and values, that relevant with the record. Comparing these data with a description of the properties of the record, we can ensure the correct classification code. Before this, there is way to classify the group of records. It provides to assort, to group, to classify and encode a lot of this. To do this, select the set of the same records by searching and selecting, and then select the class code, they belongs to, and select property and its value.
 Similarly, you can to do this with Applied Classifier.

6. Database auditing

 The system allows you to audit database. It makes possible to trace and fix changes putting into database. For calling the audit functions, select the menu option "Audit" (Fig. 10), and then follow the appropriate instructions.

MEXSY Info tool

Figure 10.

 These lead to opening the ”Audit” configuration window, and do possible for you to select a time period the changes made in the database. When setting the mark in the appropriate fields "from … to …", you can setting the ”Audit” time interval, but when removing the mark - the audit will be carried out for all time.

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