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To Search The Database

Using the search

 The search tool includes the Search tab (1) and Navigation Tree (2), and allows you to search through every word in ”NAMS ®”* database to find a match.

   1. Enter the word or the name you want to find into the search tab. You can precisely define a search word. For example, if you perform a ”full-word only” search on the word ”membrane”, every topic that contains the word "membrane" is listed, but the word ”membranes" is ignored. Otherwise you must select ”In any part of a field” mode. Before to start, you must to define the search object: ”Words in title”, ”Authors name”, ”Institutes”… .

Searching rules:

   • Searches are not case-sensitive. You can type your search in uppercase or lowercase characters without any difference.
   • You cannot use single or double quotation marks in searches.

   2. Navigation Tree search contents are organized hierarchically with ontological classification of the search subjects. If the Navigation pane is hidden, you can to click the rubric name to show one. Top branches of the Navigation Tree contains classes.

 The database contents information for 2008-2009 years.

 The authors will be grateful for comments and suggestions from users of the program.
Email: admin@mexsy.ru or: info@metaformula.com

 *  NAMS - the North American Membrane Society web site:
www.che.utexas.edu/nams/namshp.html and www.membranes.org.
  MEXSY .NET - Meta-Expert System .NET - the program complex designed in "MetaFormula Inc." , and comprised the components for database creation and Ontological Search System (ver.1.2-demo).
The feature works with Microsoft Internet Explorer® 7.0 and later, or Google Chrome® browsers .

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