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About the Website

 The site is intended for Internet users and IT specialists, as well as for specialists of innovative industries, nanotechnology, membrane technology and others, which are the most active users of various Internet services.
 The Digital Universe expands quickly. There is much more effective ways to use the Internet services now: for an information retrieval, information and file exchanging, and so on.
 The site contains information about the Searching programs and applications developed by "MetaFormula Inc.", and used in industrial firms for classification of records in databases and for effective using of the databases. Now we have new architectures and IT resources. For example, Cloud architectures®. These resources allow users to access virtual pools with large amounts of information. But it will soon require using ontological classifiers for quickly find the desired information there.  The site contents online-application for free testing the knowledge and training of spoken English. It can to help foreign students and other peoples to study English verbs. The application was designed with ontological database. It can be used with tablet computers and other similar gadgets.


 The feature works with Microsoft Internet Explorer® 8.0 and later, Mozilla Firefox®, Google Chrome® and oth.

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