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Little IT Dictionary

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ActiveXTechnology that can provide access to Windows-based applications, including the Internet access, developed by Microsoft.
AIXThe operating system, a version of IBM Unix for RS/6000 platform.
APAccess Point - a hardware device or a computer's software that acts as a communication hub for users of a wireless device to connect to a wired LAN.
APIApplication Programming Interface. The software interface standard used to integrate applications from different vendors.
APLThe A - Programming Language.
AppletsSmall programs and applications, usually written in Java for Web-browsers. They are loaded and run Web-browser automatically.
ARCnet ARCnet - one of the oldest, simplest, and least expensive types of local-area network (LAN).
ASP.NETLanguage and programming tools based on hypertext (HTML), for the development of Internet applications and services having access to databases.
AutsorsingTransmission of certain business functions from one company to other companies to pay them under the contract.
B2BBusiness to business. E-commerce and other business transactions between the entities over the Internet, using electronic markets and online shopping websites on the Internet.
B2CBusiness to client. E-commerce and other business transactions between legal entities and consumers of goods and services over the Internet.
BIMBuilding Information Modeling.
BluetoothBluetooth - a wireless radio technology for simplifying short-range communications among devices and between devices and the Internet.
BPMBusiness Process Management Server.
C#C# - the programming language for developing Internet applications and services, the version of C language.
C++C++ - the programming language, the version of C language.
CAEComputer-aided engineering. Soft or software packages for engineering calculations and technical analysis of engineering projects.
CALSContinuous Acquisition and Lifecycle Support. Information systems for continuous support throughout the lifecycle of products, spare parts and so on. It is based on unification, standardization and description of the product parts.
CAMComputer-aided modeling. Software or software packages for numerical simulation and technical analysis of engineering projects. Generally used the nonlinear numerical simulation.
CANCampus-Area Network - a local network within a limited geographical space, for example, in a school campus or in a military base.

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