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Innovations – Online

 It is known that Innovation is the key to business success.
The most useful information about the innovations can be found at the professional tematical web-sites, containing big databases. Here you can see more than 200 web-references and short information about a summary of the most popular ones, and first of all those, that contain actual and regularly updated databases and information about the most ”innovative” objects within the last few years in different fields of knowledge. In particular: physics, chemistry, medicine, biology, computers, economics, business, technical and social sciences, etc. The information are presented here with a hierarchical ”tree”, that allows you to select the desired theme you necessary.
 You can to add your posters, comments and suggestions on the improvement of interface of this Web-site.
List of references presented here is certainly not complete. Therefore, administration would be very grateful to all users who will report their links to other sites with actual databases on innovations and other information about the objects they are interested in. The letters can be in English or Russian languages. After verification, they will be added to the appropriate headings.

Email: admin@mexsy.ru or: info@metaformula.com

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